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My name is Gina Piscitelli, or Gina Rose for short. Welcome to my portfolio page! Here you'll find a visual representation of my work as a digital media connoisseur. Born and raised in Florida, I had the ability to attend the University of Central Florida, where I refined my love for all things digital and interesting. I enjoy fiddling with code as well as dabbling in design work, among other hobbies. The examples you'll find around my portfolio showcase my latest works, as well as the portfolio itself.

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Learning new things

I enjoy exploring new technology, especially if it's something in the creative field. On most weekends, you'll find me picking up new programs and learning as much as I can about them on my own.

Beauty blogging and nail art

Over the past few years, I have taken my love for pretty things to a whole new place: to my nailbeds. While not your typical kind of "artwork," I find nail art to be relaxing and allows me to be creative without having to go full-scale like painting on an 11"x14" canvas.

Along with this, I also run a blog that has gotten me a few really interesting complimentary things. Food, nail stamping plates, and beauty products are among the things that I've reviewed at

Seeing the world

It's been a goal of mine to travel as much as possible, and I make it a priority to do so. My next destination? Italy.

Favorite Programs

Favorite programs include SublimeText, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, and After Effects

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